First Profits and Growing at Scale

In this course, students gain financial literacy with ratios and pricing strategies while exploring farmers' markets logistics and effective pricing. Learn how to conduct research and break-even analysis, and use the Lean Model Canvas for startup risk management and resource allocation

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What you'll learn:

Use effective tools to approach any challenge with confidence.

of businesses fail because of cash flow problems
U.S. Bank

Lean Model Canvas

Explore the Lean Model Canvas, tailored to agricultural startups. Learn how to address high-risk factors, prioritize tasks, and allocate resources effectively. Dive deeper into hypothesis formulation, research, and experiment design for validating growth strategies.

Profitability Essentials

Explore financial insights, effective pricing strategies, and market dynamics. Conduct demographic-based market research, assess price sensitivity, and evaluate profit strategies. Use break-even analysis and track revenue with spreadsheets and accounting software.

Course Breakdown